Friday, August 31, 2007

Funk Roberts Fitness Contest Rules

Contest Rules



Participation constitutes entrant's full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules. Sweepstakes is sponsored by: Funk Roberts Fitness2 Sheppard Avenue East, 7th Floor,Toronto, ON, M2N 5Y7 ("Sponsor") and Treadmill Factory MARKHAM Head office & Showroom 230 Denison St. Markham, Ont. L3R 1B6 905-944-0090 ("Sponsor")


Sweepstakes is open only to natural persons who have internet access and a valid e-mail account when the Sweepstakes period commences. Prize winners must have a valid e-mail address at the time he or she is awarded the prize. Participants must correctly answer a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question, if selected as potential winner, in order to claim prize. Persons living in their same household or Emplyees of the Sponsors are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.

How to Enter:


Each new subscriber who completes the subscription process will be entered into the contest. Only one entry per valid e-mail address is permitted in the subscribe category.
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Each Funk Fitness subscriber referral, who completes the subscription process. The subscriber will get one entry to the monthly contest.


The following prize will be awarded:

Prices change on a monthly basis and is donated by Treadmill factory -

Description of Prize:

One (1) selected winner will receive the prize monthly. Prize will be awarded only to winner.

Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of Monthly Prize will change monthly

Total number of winners: 1 winner monthly

Total ARV of all prizes: TBA

Selection of Potential Winner:

Potential Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all entries received, to be held on or about the last day of each month at the Sponsor’s offices. All decisions of the Sponsor are final and binding. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. The potential winner will be notified by e-mail or at the discretion of Sponsor, within 15 days of the drawing. Potential winner will have 10 days from notification to accept the prize by e-mail to "" or by mail to the address specified in the notification. Sponsor is not responsible for and shall not be liable for any late, lost, or misdirected notification, or for potential winner's unsuccessful efforts to claim any prize.

General Terms and Conditions: By entering, each participant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of Sponsor, which shall be final. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any person or email address that Sponsor determines to be in violation of any term contained in these Official Rules. Sponsor, agents and representatives of Sponsor, its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, and fulfillment agencies, and legal advisors are not responsible for and shall not be liable for: (i) late, lost, delayed, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, illegible, unintelligible, or postage-due entries, notices, release forms, affidavits or other correspondence; (ii) telephone, electronic, hardware or software program, network, internet, or computer malfunctions, failures, or difficulties of any kind; (iii) failed, incomplete, garbled, or delayed computer transmissions; (iv) any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Sponsor that may cause the Sweepstakes to be disrupted or corrupted; (v) any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of the prize, or acceptance, possession, or use of the prize, or from participation in the Sweepstakes; (vi) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Sweepstakes; (vii) any federal, regional, provincial, or local laws or regulations violated during the creation of the entries by the entrant(s); or (viii) incorrect or inaccurate entry information, whether caused by internet users or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Sweepstakes or by any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of the entries in the Sweepstakes.

Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, cancel or modify the Sweepstakes at any time if fraud or a computer virus, bug, or other technical problem corrupts the administration, security, or proper play of the Sweepstakes.
Shipping of Prizes: Participant is responsible for pick-up or shipping costs of the prize. Prizes can be picked up at Treadmill Factory MARKHAM, Head office & Showroom 230 Denison St. Markham, Ont. L3R 1B6 905-944-0090
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Winners List and Official Rules: A winners list will be posted on this web site every month and at the conclusion of the Sweepstakes until the end of the campaign. To obtain a copy of the winners list or a copy of these Official Rules, send your request along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Sweepstakes, Marc Roberts c/o Funk Roberts Fitness., 2 Sheppard Avenue East, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON, M2N 5Y7, Canada. Requests must be received no later than December 31, 2009.

Exercise of the Week - Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows

This exercise is a staple in my back workout routine. I usually do this exercise second after a Dumbbell Bent-Over Row or Dead Lifts. The major muscle worked is the Middle Back, but the Biceps, Lower Back and Lats are also hit.

When performing this exercise you’ll need a low sit down at a low-pulley rowing machine with your feet flat against the footrests and your knees slightly bent. Lean forward and grasp the pulley handle in front of you. Your palms should be facing each other. Keep your back FLAT and looking forward, slowly draw the handles back to your stomach while simultaneously leaning back at the waist until your torso is perpendicular to the floor. The handles should reach your stomach just as your upper body reaches the upright position. Stick you chest out and squeeze your back. Return to the starting position by leaning forward from the waist while extending your arms in front of you.

Leaning forward a bit stretches the back, but if you want a little variety, to isolate the Lats only, then do not lean forward at all. Add this exercise to your Back routine and you’ll be surprised at the results

Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funk Roberts Weekly Fitness Tip

Tip of the Week

Abdominals can take tremendous strain. Regular work with extremely high repetitions is the best way to get them in shape. Abdominals can take an enormous number of repetitions before failing, depending upon fitness level. You may often see a person doing 50 repetitions before form begins to disintegrate and fatigue causes low-back strain. Shoot for a max of 50 reps before you add resistance.

Funk Roberts
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Off Ice Conditioning

Off Ice Hockey Conditioning

As Summer comes to a close, hockey season soon approacheth. Not just the NHL, but high level leagues, adult recreational leagues and kids leagues amongst others. Some of the best hockey players, both men and women engage in Off Ice Conditioning to prepare themselves for the grueling season.

Carlos is an aspiring NHL candidate. This is his final season before the OHL draft and he wants to be in top shape for the campaign. Not only does he take part in our weekly Sgt Shanahan's Boot Camp, but he also trains to become the best that he can be.

Check this out!

Funk Roberts
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funk and Mojo at Beach Nationals

See Funk Roberts and Mojo (Chuck Bastie) at the Canadian Beach Volleyball National Championships. The two will work together on Centre Court Sunday to entertain the fans, giveaway prizes and help bring fun to the centre court atmosphere. Join them at Ashbridges Bay.

Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

8 Ways to Battle Unwanted Work Calories

Overeating at work can be pretty easy. Your colleagues bring in treats every day because it's always someone's birthday or leaving party. People eat muffins and doughnuts every Friday or even every day. The staff restaurant is full of fried food or mayonnaise laden salads and the nearest place outside work serves nothing but fast food.

Here are 8 tips to help you battle against unwanted workplace calories.

1. Bring your own healthy lunch and snack
You know it makes sense. If you have something healthy and delicious to eat you'll be less tempted by all the other unhealthy stuff around. It takes a bit of planning when you do your weekly shop but you'll reap the rewards. Choose food which is easy to prepare and get as much as you can ready the night before to avoid last-minute panics in the morning.

2. Say "No" nicely
You can get a lot of pressure from others to sample the snacks they bring in so this one may take some practice but it does get easier after a while. Just say "No thanks not just now" or "No thanks, I'm just about to have an apple" or simply "No thanks" - no need to explain or apologize.

3. Keep your desk clear of food
It's asking for trouble to keep food on your desk. Put the lunch and snacks you brought out of sight so that you have to go and get something from the kitchen or locker room when you're hungry.

4. Stop to eat
Don't nibble food unconsciously at your desk - it's the easiest way to overeat. Pause in whatever you are doing whenever you decide to eat and take time to really taste the food. If there's somewhere you can go away from your desk to eat then do that, otherwise just stop working on your report or reading your emails for 5 minutes and be fully aware of the food you are eating.

5. Stay away from vending machines
Vending machines tend to be full of unhealthy calorie-laden food. Having your own snacks should help you resist the temptation to treat yourself. But, in any case, keep away from the room with the machines and if you really can't resist, stop bringing any change to work - it's the only way!

6. When you need a break
Don't eat just because you need a break. Instead, take a quick walk or have a glass of water or herbal tea - even coffee is better than eating food you don't need. If you find that there are times you just have to nibble on something make sure you always have plenty of healthy snacks with you. You can nibble quite a bit on carrots sticks, cucumber and celery without doing any damage to your waistline.

7. Team up
If you have a colleague who is also trying to lose weight, join forces and help each other stay on track. It's great to have someone to go for a walk with at lunchtime or to hang with when everyone else is wolfing down cakes someone has brought in.

8. Choose wisely
You don't have to turn down social invitations from colleagues to be able to succeed at losing weight so go ahead and join in. But you do have to select what you have to eat and drink carefully when you eat out on a regular basis. Choose the smallest portions you can and get to know the menus at the local restaurants so that you can plan what to eat ahead of time. Even fast food places now have healthier options but remember it's often the extras which are the most fattening - condiments, dressings and sugary or milky drinks can more than double the calories in a meal.

Try these tips and you will definitely start to see the waistline trim down. Getting into shape means maintaining a healthy diet - drink plenty of water and eat complex carbohydrates along with lean protein and healthy fats - and exercising regularly.
Funk Roberts
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tip of the Week

Make sure you only rest 1 minute between sets for upper-body work and only 2 minutes for lower-body work.

Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat!

Funk and Thirsty Rock the Taste of the Danforth

Funk and Thirsty Rock the Taste of the Danforth

Every year thousands of food enthusiasts flock to the multicultural diversity of Toronto’s KRINOS Taste of the Danforth festival. From mouth-watering Greek cuisine like Souvlaki and Spanakopita (spinach pie) to Thai, Indian and Cuban fare, this street festival in the heart of Toronto's Greektown satisfies hungry mouths summer after summer.

Funk Roberts, not to be left out, made the Sunday afternoon jaunt up to festival to enjoy the sights, sounds and feasts. Little did I know that I would be part of this years Taste of the Danforth.

Not only was there hundreds of booths filled with good food, but there was also a huge beer garden accompanying the centre stage where bands had been showcased all weekend long. The funny thing was when I arrived to this part of the festival at 2:00PM, the stage was unoccupied. It had been raining all day and bands were hesitating to plug in their instruments.

So the convener had called on Kevin Brauch, better known as the “Thirsty Traveler” to save the day and the beer garden. He is the host of great show on the Food Network amongst other accolades.

Left to fend for himself, Thirsty called to the crowd to see if anyone had any talents. Well Funk’s drumming skills were about to be displayed. I threw my hand in the air, stated my name, rank and serial number, and fifteen minutes later, I was on stage ready for my drum solo. One problem though, no drum sticks. How was I going to enthrall the crowd on the drums with no sticks? Enter Thirsty avec wooden Spatula and a Barman’s Cocktail Muddler. That’s right, and off I went for a few minutes going SOLO without rushing the beat.

Thirsty was an instant hit himself, as he dazzled the now increasingly large crowd with his clean cut of a champagne bottle using a samurai sword and his rather gigantic cocktail concoction in a giant garbage can.

All in all, the sun came out, the band arrived to play and I was able to make a new friend in Kevin “Thirsty Traveler” Brauch. Stay tuned for the drum solo video and if you get a chance check out the new season of the Thirsty Traveler which will begin to air again in October.

Thanks for a great day Kevin

Funk Roberts
I didn’t Rush the Beat!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anne Marie has lost 12 inches and 5 pounds in 4 Weeks

12 Inches and 5 Pounds in 4 Weeks

The Anne-Marie 8 Week Body Transformation the Funk Roberts Way is going great. Anne-Marie has lost 12 inches and 5 pounds after 4 weeks. With 4 weeks to go she is 7 pounds from her weight goal of 155lbs. Check out and follow her Transformation Diary to find out her progress at
Amazing work Anne-Marie, now it's time to put the pedal to the metal!
Check out the Before and After Stats
Current weight: 162

Chest 37 inches
Upper abs 31 inches
Waist 32 inches
Lower abs 37 inches
Hips 39 inches
Thigh (upper) 24 inches
Thigh (lower) 18 inches
Knee 15 inches
Calf 15 inches
Upper arm 12 inches
Current weight: 167

Chest 39 inches
Upper abs 35 inches
Waist 34 inches
Lower abs 39 inches
Hips 40 inches
Thigh (upper) 24 inches
Thigh (lower) 18.5 inches
Knee 15 inches
Calf 15 inches
Upper arm 12 inches
Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sgt Shanahan's Fitness Bootcamp 7

Join us this Saturday, August 18 at 10:00AM for Fitness Bootcamp with Sgt Shanahan and Rouven ' the Commando'.

Congrats to Karen for her MVP honours. Can you believe she wore a 20 pound weight jacket for half the workout. Now that is a TROOPER!

Are you IN or IN the Way?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Transform Your Chest with These 5 Exercises

The Chest or Pec area is the staple to any body whether your goal is the protect or destroy here are 5 exercises that will help your chest, Transformers style.

1. Incline Bench Press
This is the Optimus Prime of the Chest Exercises. This will help with your strength not only in the chest but other supporting muscles like the triceps and your shoulders. Start your workout with 3 sets of 10 reps increasing the weight each time. Turn that chest from a pick up to an 18 wheeler.

2. Incline Dumbbell Press
This is the Ironhide of the chest exercises as it hits your upper part of the pecs. Perform this exercise with light weights, a slight incline and do 3 sets of 12 reps. Your upper chest will turn into a GMC with a Hemmy

3. Flat Dumbbell Press
This is the Megatron of you chest workout. It will not only give you a little size, but will also firm up the pecs. Try to use heavier weights and perform 3 sets of 10 reps increasing the weight each time will help you turn from a small Cessna to a leer jet.

4. Cable Cross Over
Bumblebee - this exercise is great to give you the separation between the pecs. Stand between the cable machine. Although it is called the cross-over, make sure to bring the handles together and squeeze your pecs. 3 sets of 12 will turn those pecs into a racing car

5. Dips
Call this the Starscreeam or dips because you will feel like you’re flying. It is a great way to end the workout. Most gyms have weight assisted machines to help you, but if you are a true Autobot then no assembly required. 3 sets of 10 will do the trick.

Remember to stretch between exercises and do a warm up set before to get the blood pumping to the muscles. Perform this workout once a week for a month and you chest will become MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!

Funk Roberts
Don’t Rush the Beat

See Canada’s Top Beach Volleyball Players

Funk Roberts is happy to announce that for the 3rd year in a row, he will be the Tournament Director of the $5000 Canadian So Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament in Toronto. “I am proud and happy to be a part of such a great tournament. It gives me pleasure to be able to give back to the sport that I played and love for so long” says the elated Funk. Funk has organized this successful tournament 3 years in a row and is very optimistic that this one may be the best ever.

The tournament will draw the best professional beach volleyball players from across Canada. For both the men’s and women’s sides, the 16-team main draw will start Saturday morning, August 18, and run until the finals, Sunday afternoon.
As of today, leading the pack in the tournament for the women are 2005 Wasaga and Toronto winner Caroline Fiset and her partner Isabelle Rancourt, who have been playing internationally for Canada on the FIVB Tour. Other notables include 2005 Grand Bend winner Izzy Czerveniak, Kara Zawkrewski and the newly crowned Ontario beach volleyball champions Sarah Hogarth and Suzana Majcen. The women’s side promises to be action packed.

The men’s side is still fleshing itself out. Teams like Ontario Beach runner-up Jason Hubbard and Anton Hauser and the return of Olympian Jody Holden should ensure the beach stays hot with competition over the weekend.
There will also be the Not So Pro tournament that will feature close to 200 teams and over 1500 people. The weekend will also feature social breaks every hour to win some cool swag, a hot D.J. spinning the tunes all weekend long, sponsor booths to visit, as well as the ever-popular food and beverage gardens right on the beach.

If you have some time on your hands this weekend, come down to Ashbridges Bay in Toronto and check out great volleyball action.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Supplement of the Week - Sportlab's L-Glutamine

Supplement of the Week - Sportlab's L-Glutamine

Funk Roberts readers, for the month of August, take advantage of the 20% off promotion on my favourite Supplement - Sportlab L-Glutamine brought to you by

Coupon Code for 20% off SportLab 500g or 1000g L-Glutamine is bootcamp

This is my favourite supplement. Glutamine should be an essential part of your health and fitness arsenal. It is not only for bodybuilders, but all people a like.

Please bear with me as I get a little scientific on yawl. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles - over 61% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine. During intense training, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength
, stamina and recovery. It could take up to 6 days for Glutamine levels to return to normal - and Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis.

Glutamine also increases your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. This is especially useful for people 'cutting down'. Especially during summer when you're trying to get rid of some body fat without losing any muscle. Glutamine is needed throughout your body for optimal performance.

Should you worry about Glutamine side effects? In short, No, Studies have found it to have no adverse side effects, and also because Glutamine naturally occurs in your body, it has no health risks.

Enough of the scientific stuff here are 5 Benefits of Glutamine

1. Glutamine helps prevent the muscles from being eaten up
2. Glutamine helps to speed up recovery of muscles
3. Glutamine may serve to boost your immune system
4. Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients in your intestines
5. Studies have shown that Glutamine can cure ulcers – 1.6 grams of Glutamine a day had a 92% cure rate in 4 weeks.

So Funk suggests that you hit the Supplement Source website and take advantage of the 20% discount that you get on my favourite Glutamine Supplement.

Coupon Code for 20% off SportLab 500g or 1000g glutamine – bootcamp

Website PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express welcome

Call Daryl at (613) 292-5068 for orders or information

Funk Roberts
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week

Increase poundage in an exercise when you are able to do 10 repetitions fairly easily.

Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat!

I Challenge You!

I challenge all readers to attend Sgt Shanahan's Fitness Boot Camp - Do you have what it takes?

Funk Roberts

Friday, August 3, 2007

Anne-Marie's Body Transformation

Anne Marie is well into the Funk Roberts 8 Week Transformation program that we are doing virtually. Her ultimate goal at the end of the 8 weeks is to be at 155 lbs and to lose inches off the chest, waist and hips. She is keeping a fantastic transformation dairy on her blog that i encourage you to read.

She is just finishing week 2 - here is an excerpt.

Diet update: As per Funk's plan, I am eating 4-5 small meals a day - grazing. It’s difficult to get away from 3 square meals a day, but the increase of protein is good, and I haven't been hungry. I also just added an L-Glutamine supplement twice daily to my daily list of "things to do" and I feel like it's working already.

I was not sore at all this morning, and was very relaxed going to sleep last night. Today was my first pilates class since beginning weights last week. I've been taking the class twice a week (one day is with a stability ball, and the other day is with bands) for a year and half, and today I noticed a marked improvement in my planking, and I felt stronger overall, which was a wonderful feeling.

This evening, Shay and I headed to the gym to do the chest workout I didn't do last night, and some cardio. I kept my weights low, and took my time, as I do not want a repeat of Sunday! I am also going to ice my arms just in case.Tomorrow I have the day off from weights and cardio to let my muscles re-coup. And I'll probably do some light stretching.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Funk’s Five to Fab Abs

Funk's Five to Fab Abs

There is nothing like a fine set of abs, with the line that travels along side the groin – what is that line called anyway? – Ahhh yes, the good ole Inguinal Crease – yep that’s it!

Well if you’re like me and many others, having abs and the crease would put the icing on the cake, so to speak. Along with the proper diet, cardio and Funk’s Five Favourite Ab exercises you too can have celebrity like abs.

1. Bicycle Exercise Kicks

The Bicycle exercise is the best move to target the rectus abdominals (i.e., the 'six pack') and the obliques (the waist), according to a study done by the American Council on Exercise.

1. Lie face up on the floor and place your fingers beside your head.
2. Bring the knees in towards the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the ground without pulling on the neck.
3. Straight the left leg out to about a 45-degree angle while simultaneously turning the upper body to the right, bringing the left elbow towards the right knee.
4. Switch sides, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee.
5. Continue alternating sides in a 'pedaling' motion for 12-15 reps.

2. Exercise Ball Crunches
The exercise ball is an excellent tool to strengthen the abs and for working the 6-pack

1. Lie face-up with the ball resting under your mid/lower back.
2. Cross your arms over the chest or place them behind your head.
3. Contract your abs to lift your torso off the ball, pulling the bottom of your ribcage down toward your hips.
4. As you curl up, keep the ball stable (i.e., you shouldn't roll).
5. Lower back down, getting a stretch in the abs, and repeat for 12-15 reps.

3. Vertical Leg Crunch
The vertical leg crunch is another effective move for the rectus abdominals and the obliques.

1. Lie face up on the floor and extend the legs straight up with knees crossed.
2. Contract the abs to lift the shoulder blades off the floor, as though reaching your chest towards your feet.
3. Keep the legs in a fixed position and imagine bringing your belly button towards your spine at the top of the movement.
4. Lower and repeat for 12-15 reps.

4. The Plank
The plank exercise is a great way to build endurance in both the abs and back, as well as stabilizer muscles.

1. Lie face down on mat resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor.
2. Push off the floor, raising up onto toes and resting on the elbows.
3. Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels.
4. Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air.
5. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat for 3-5 reps.

5. Butterfly Crunches
The butterfly crunch is an effective way to hit the abs and also help with defining the line between the abs

1. Lie face up on the floor Assume the position of a crunch, but with you knees spread out to your sides
2. Your heels should be firmly together throughout the movement.
3. Slowly curl up toward the ceiling so that your shoulder blades come off the floor.
4. Be sure not to bend your chin toward your chest
5. Lower and repeat for 12-15 reps

Do these 2-3 times per week, again with a proper diet and cardio exercise and your Fab Abs will popping out in no time.

Funk Roberts
Don’t Rush the Beat!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Supplement of the Week - Seven Point Sports Cream

Ryan Shanahan's Seven Point Sports Cream

As an elite athlete and gym rat, (wait I can't believe I just called myself a gym rat, but the worst thing is, I am) , I often found myself with sore knees and aching shoulders. Well this product was my savior. Applying the Seven Point Sports Cream on my muscles before and after games or workouts, solved the problem. Unlike other creams, that have a disgusting smell, this surprisingly was odour free. You don't have to be an athlete to use this either, if you have the dreaded computer neck strain or any other muscle soreness, this can grant you some much wanted relief. I suggest this product to anyone.
You can purchase this straight from Ryan's site at

Fast relief from sore and achy muscles.Ryan Shanahan's Seven Point Sports Cream is comprised of a powerful blend of 7 pure essential oils formulated to support the healing and recovery from muscle soreness caused by strain and over exertion. The Seven Point Sports Cream was used by athletes during the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics
Funk Roberts
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