Tuesday, October 28, 2008


That's right folks, the beard, burns, moustache, everything is GOING, GOING, GONE! Wow, I think it's been 100 years since I had no facial hair, but for Movember, I'm in.
Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a charity event held during November each year.
At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants, known as Mo Bros, have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustache, raising money and awareness along the way.
Movember culminates at the end of the month at the Gala Partés. These glamorous and groomed events will see Alex Trebek look-a-likes battle it out on the catwalk for their chance to take home the prestigious Man of Movember title.

While growing a Mo is left to the guys, Mo Sistas (women that support their guys or just love Mos!) form an important part of Movember with their powerful feminine touch, by recruiting Mo Bros, helping to raise funds and attending the highly anticipated Gala Partés.
But it's not all fun and games, so why the extreme behaviour?
Which ever way we look at it, men are far less healthy than women. The average life expectancy for men is five years less than females.

Men lack awareness about the very real health issue they face. Many feel they have to be tough - "a real man" - and are reluctant to see a doctor about an illness or to go for regular medical check ups.
The aim of Movember is to change this attitude. Make men's health fun by putting the moustache back on the face of Canadian men and raising some serious funds for prostate cancer.
Every year around 24,700 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 4,300 die of the disease, making it the number one cancer threat to Canadian men.
Movember is very proud to be partnering with the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada

All donations made will go directly to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada who will use the funds to create awareness and fund research for prostate cancer.
I will teaming up with my crew from Workopolis to help fight Prostate Cancer. I can just see it now, an entire office of guys with moustaches....classic!
Oh and at the end of Movember, when I see you all at one of the many Galas, be prepared for Funk to look like this:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Healthier Lifestyle for Joseph

Over the month of September and October; I have been going through all your Facebook messages and blog posts and applying some to my life.

I established a healthier diet - and really cut down on the snacks. Your article on the 'better' cheats helped a lot. I also started to do the Funk 50 and your Crazy 28’s Shoulder work out...attached is my before and after shot!

I want to thank you for all your health, fitness, and nutrition tips. It’s been instrumental in my new and improving look and healthier living.

-Joseph Vinluan


You should stick with an even dietary intake from day to day and focus on a specific percentage for each nutrient. A good nutrient breakdown is:

30% protein
50% carbs
20% fat

You also want to really focus on these two main areas with your diet plan:
1. Get enough protein.You want to make sure to get enough protein at every meal in order to keep positive nitrogen balance and keep your muscles growing. Focus on getting at least 1 gram per pound of body weight and make sure your protein is coming from quality, lean sources like chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites and whey protein powder.

2. Eat clean food.Make sure to eliminate all of the empty calories from your diet (soft drinks, junk food, processed foods, etc). Focus on eating whole foods and stick with good fibrous carbs like broccoli, squash, green beans, mushrooms and zucchini. Your starchy carbs should come from whole wheat sources like 100% whole wheat breads, brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Stay away from white flour as much as possible. Reference above for your protein sources.


Are you sick of doing cardio and losing the valuable muscle mass that you have built? You want to be muscular and ripped or toned right? Fear not, because you can have a healthy heart and retain muscle with these following steps.
1. Keep your duration short – 30 minutes, three times a week – that way, you don’t burn too many extra calories

2. Workout at a moderate to high intensity to reap the benefits

3. Support your workouts and cardio with proper nutrition – that supplies enough calories for your energy expenditure and includes good carbs and lean protein at most meals

4. Add branched-chain amino acids and glutamine after workouts to help with muscle preservation

5. Check your weight once a week. Try to keep your weight loss to 1 to 2 pounds per week

Funk Roberts
Don’t Rush the Beat
Excerpts from Maximum Fitness

Sunday, October 12, 2008





If you want to have that ripped muscular body or the sexy toned look, I’m here to help. The key to constant muscle growth and fat burn is continually shocking the body with different workouts and exercise principles.

Below is my Push-Pull and Lower Body Blast. I usually perform this week workout once in a while to change up my flow, but I prescribe it to my clients as one of the 8 week workouts that they perform during their body transformation program.

Workout Tips
· Perform the below workouts for 2 weeks straight
· Increase the weight from set to set and week to week
· Rest 30-45 seconds between sets
· Be intense and get the most of every minute in the gym
· Add cardio, abs and a healthy eating plan to maximize muscle growth and fat burn


Week 1
Monday - PUSH
1. Superset
Funk Power Pushups - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps
Barbell Bench Press - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

2. Dumbbell Press - 3 sets 12,10,8 reps

3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 3 sets 12,10,8 reps

4. Pressdowns - 3 sets 12,10,8 reps

5. Dips - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

1. Cardio - Interval
2 . Abs - Funk 50 - 3 sets

Wednesday - LOWER BODY
1. Superset
Step Ups - 3 sets 10,10,10 (per leg) reps
Squats - 3 sets 12,12,10 reps

2. Leg Presses - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

3. Leg Extensions - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

4. Leg Curls - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

5. Seated Calf Raises 3 sets 20,20,20 reps

6. Dips 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

1. Cardio - Moderate 60 minutes
2. Abs - Funk 50 Part Deux - 3 sets

Friday - PULL
1. Superset
Pull Ups - 3 sets 10,10,10 reps
Bent Over Barbell Row 3 sets 10,10,10 reps

2. Front Pulldowns 3 sets 12,10,10 reps

3. One Arm Dumbbell Row 3 sets 10,10,10

4. Barbell Curls 3 sets 12,10,8 reps

5. Incline Dumbbell Curl 3 sets 12,10,10 reps

1. Cardio - Your Choice
2. Abs - Your Choice


Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat


ZMA is a supplement containing zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 and is useful for those who train hard. This combination of nutrients is said to have a positive impact on athletic performance and testosterone levels.

Zinc is involved in many processes that are essential for maximum fitness; magnesium aides in protein synthesis; and vitamin B6 is necessary for unlocking carbohydrate energy and supporting amino acid synthesis, crucial for sustaining training and muscle growth.

As sometimes happens in the world of supplement research, ZMA tests have been mixed, depending on what study you look at. What we do know is that each mineral in ZMA is essential for maximizing training efforts, particularly if you work out with serious intensity

Most ZMA products contain 30 milligrams of zinc, 450 milligrams of magnesium and one milligram of B6. Generally you should take the recommended dose on an empty stomach one hour before sleep.



Back in the old days, training and discipline meant drinking light beer after a long day of competition or at the beach. But in today’s world of sports if you are not working out or eating right you will fall behind. Athletes in every sport from car racing to gymnastics practice a variety of health and fitness routines that help them stay at the top of their games.

In volleyball, there are five physical keys to proper training: power, agility, flexibility and nutrition. Through, sports-specific exercise and discipline, those skills should be developed at an early age and continue to grow with your game.

Here are five physical keys that will take your volleyball game, whether indoor or beach, to the next level and beyond.

1. POWER – Power is the ability to move strongly with speed. Plyometrics and Olympic weight lifting help improve power.

2. AGILITY - Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily. Speed drills and Plyometrics increase agility

3. FLEXIBILTY – Flexibility is the ability to move through a full rage of motions. This skill improves an athlete’s performance in a variety of volleyball situations. Passive stretching of the muscles used for volleyball and its movements, before and after activity, improves flexibility.

4. FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH – Functional strength is the body’s ability to generate force for volleyball-related skills. Plyometrics, Olympic weight lifting and supplemental resistance exercises like using kettlebells help develop functional strength.
5. NUTRITION - Nutrition is the process by which the body breaks down food to supply nutrients ad energy to maintain health and athletic performance. Eating balanced meals from the four basic food groups provide nutrition.
Funk Roberts
excerpts from Heat


Over the past few months I have been taking a daily supplement called Youth Juice (YJ), every morning. You like that name huh….YOUTH JUICE. My cousin, Kieron, from Calgary, had sent me a case of 4 bottles, and asked me to start taking it and then let him know my thoughts.


I started to read more about the product, its ingredients and benefits.

Just imagine getting 100% of your vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying qualities, all in a 3oz serving per day.

There have been times where I will wake up with a massive real hang-over from a party the night before and after taking my Youth Juice serving an hour later, I’m UP AND AT EM!

Youth Juice was developed in cooperation with a grant for research and development from the Canadian Government. It features two ingredients that are significant in nutritional science, Ellagic acid and Fucodian. Youth Juice is designed with health in mind. Its ingredients were specifically chosen for their clinically proven results to delay the onset of Alzheimer's and Cancer

Youth Juice is a scientifically engineered, all natural whole food supplement. Made of 7 whole organic wild berries and 3 marine sea vegetables. All of the natural products that help to enhance your immune system and fight off today's "super bugs".

It has a 13,000 ORAC score which means it in every 3oz serving your getting a huge dose of antioxidants which help clear your body of free radicals.

If you have kids, this product is essential. YJ in their bodies provide the necessary nutrition that is lacking. Daily we are missing out on essential nutrients with the things we eat, or don’t eat. Once they start taking YJ, the other parents will wonder why your kids never gets sick and why they're doing better in school because they have the energy to pay attention in class.

There are so many reasons why you should be drinking this I can't tell you enough.

To find out more about Youth Juice check out this independant website with scientific reports and nutritional information.



The best part about Youth Juice is the fact that it is being distributed by word of mouth instead of corporate marketing campaigns. There are no commercials, print ads, or posters for Youth Juice.

I am always looking for other ways to supplement my income, especially when the economy is not looking good to say the least.

When my cousin told me that I can make some money by becoming a distributor and get paid to drink and share Youth Juice with others, at first I was skeptical. I have done network marketing before with Melalucca. I did like the products but because there was so much to sell, I got just lost.

Youth Juice on the other hand, is one product and it sells itself, because of the health benefits. I like telling people about the YJ and the opportunity to supplement your current income with about 2-3 hours work per week.

This business is unlike anything I've seen before. You can make your money back in as little as 60 days. You can start earning commissions and bonuses without having to spend a lot of hours starting a new business. Get paid to drink a great product with health enhancing properties.

You hear about all these success stories of people that you do not know and how they are making thousands of dollars extra per month or week.

Well, my success story is my cousin Keiron, who, prior to Youth Juice, has a successful California Kitchens franchise and painting company, but when he heard about YJ, it was no-brainer. He only started near the beginning of 2008 and is already at $5000/month (which is residual income) and is on his first month of driving a free Porsche.

We all want more time to do the things that make us happy, to live the life that we want. Start enjoying life instead of watching it pass you by. Why not invest into your future by getting healthy, building wealth, and sharing this same opportunity with your friends and family.

Contact me today to get signed up or to get more information on this phenomenal opportunity - http://www.ourworldnetwork.com/funkroberts

Join the OWN Launch Team today!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Funk's Fight Club Workout

As you may know, I love MMA, especially Muay Thai. I also love the training that goes along with it. Because it takes me through diverse training techniques, I always seem to get the greatest fat loss and strength from the workouts. I have seen many body transformations from women and men who incorporate these types of exercises into their workout regime.
Funk Roberts Fight Club Workout

1. BOX JUMPS onto a high object (aerobic step to level 10 or picnic table) – 3 sets of 15 – rest 1 minute
4. KETTELBELL SWINGS - 3 SETS 10 REPS – rest 30 seconds
5. PULL UPS - 3 SETS OF 10 REPS – rest 30 seconds
6. DIPS - 3 SETS OF 20 REPS – rest 30 seconds

You can adjust your reps on dips and pull ups to failure; and if you do not own Kettlebells, use Dumbbells.
Funk Roberts
Don't Rush the Beat