Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get my NEW 4 Week Spartacus Bodyweight Workout Program and Nutrition Report FREE

I just finished shooting 5 Exclusive Spartacus Bodyweight workouts for you. When I say “Exclusive” I mean you will NOT find these workout videos anywhere on the web except the Spartacus Bodyweight Workout Page.

Before I release this to the world, I wanted to give you direct VIP access to the workouts and the 4 week Bodyweight program EBook. Just my thanks for being a true Spartacus Workout supporter and fan

As a bonus you will also get, Fit to Eat Certified Nutritionist Laura D’s Report – “What to Eat on My Workout Days” Really amazing stuff



Here's what you'll get with the Spartacus Bodyweight Workouts for Fat Loss

• 5 Exclusive plus 2 Bonus Bodyweight Workout videos that you can download to your MP3 or IPOD

• Spartacus 4 Week Bodyweight Program Schedule

• Printable workout exercise lists for all videos

• Beginner-Intermediate- Advanced levels

• And much more!


Here is what you will learn from the Fit to Eat Nutrition Report

• The best foods to eat on your workout days and when

• List of foods that you should always have in your fridge

• Why you NEED Carbs in your diet

• Pre and Post Smoothie Recipes

• And more!


Enjoy your FR EE gifts and train hard,

Your Friend and Coach

Funk Roberts

P.S. Please forward the link below to a friend and give them access to the Spartacus workouts and Nutrition info


  1. Hi Funk,
    I've just tried to get access to the new bodyweight workouts but I don't recieve the e-mail to confirm it..
    Thanks for your great workouts!


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