Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This workout absolutely helps build the chest since it targets the fast twitch fibres in the chest, which just happen to be the ones with the greatest potential for size and strength.


Have you ever wondered why your chest muscles never seems to grow despite doing thousands of pushups?

Are you fed up with a small, puny chest area despite all those chest presses in the gym and protein supplements that let you down yet again?

Are you tired of being ignored by the ladies, unable to get their attention and has this affected your confidence and your ability to get the respect, attention and authority you always wanted?

You are not alone. I have been where you are right now, and as you can see from my picture above, I have come a long way, and I want to share my BIGGEST lesson with you today so you don’t have to continue the misery of a puny, underdeveloped chest.

I’m going to reveal to you the ONE reason why your body won’t ALLOW your chest to grow and then provide you the most advanced solution developed to strategically grow your chest in a short 4 weeks.

The Problem: Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers

In order to grow your chest at the fastest rate possible, you need to target the muscle fibers that are larger in volume and extremely powerful vs the slow muscle fibers that are smaller, dense and used for endurance.

In case you are wondering “fibers what?” allow me to explain this rather important scientific concept. It holds the key to unlocking growth in your chest muscles.

You see, your body is made up of 3 fibers in specific.

1.Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers (Type I)

2.Intermediate Twitch Muscle Fibers (Type IIa)

3.Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers (Type IIb)

If you were to look at a muscle biopsy, you’d see a combination of red and white fibers with some shades in between. White colored being the fast twitch fibers and red colored being slow twitch fibers.

Ever see a long distance marathon runner? Their muscles are NOT defined and remain tiny in size. They tend to have about 75% slow twitch muscle fibers for endurance.

Now let’s see another comparison. For most muscular athletes and professional bodybuilders, muscles are sharply defined, formed and are quite larger in size. They tend to have about 75% fast twitch fibers.

The Truth: Most Guys Training Their Chest Only Train The Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers and Neglect The Most Important Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

When you are exercising your chest at a low to moderate intensity, your body first uses the slow twitch muscle fibers and then intermediate twitch muscle fibers to get the job done. After you increase the intensity (Force x Distance / Time) if your body finds it necessary, fast twitch fibers are used to meet demands.

The problem is that most of us train the slow and intermediate twitch muscle fibers or we never hit the intensity needed to signal our central nervous system and the body that we need more fast twitch muscle fibers.

It gets worse.

What then happens with low intensity long duration chest workouts is that the slow fibers get worked (They are small and don’t respond to growth), intermediate fibers get used to being worked as slow fibers and begin turning more red, and the white fast fibers are never worked so they shrink in size.


Imagine a bodybuilder training like a marathon runner – his muscle size will NEVER achieve full growth potential.

Yet that’s how most people train. They never get results, and I bet the same problem is at the root of your struggles too.

The Solution: Strategically Target The Intermediate and Fast Muscle Fibers

Here’s the big breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Science proves that you cannot take red slow twitch muscle fibers and turn them completely to white fast twitch fibers but you can take the intermediate muscle fibers which is all various shades and transform them into more of the white muscle fibers.

Then with more of the right training, grow your white / fast muscle fibers which are much larger in volume and start looking like muscular sprinter.

That’s where the Rapid Fire Chest program comes in.

If you perform quick, powerful and explosive chest movements like I created for you in Rapid Fire Chest, your body will begin to need more fast twitch muscle fibers thus making your chest muscles more white.

Each exercise, timing of each round, and resistance selection was strategically positioned to target the intermediate and fast twitch fibers to whiten the fibers and rapidly grow your chest.

The results are mind blowing.


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