Friday, August 3, 2007

Anne-Marie's Body Transformation

Anne Marie is well into the Funk Roberts 8 Week Transformation program that we are doing virtually. Her ultimate goal at the end of the 8 weeks is to be at 155 lbs and to lose inches off the chest, waist and hips. She is keeping a fantastic transformation dairy on her blog that i encourage you to read.

She is just finishing week 2 - here is an excerpt.

Diet update: As per Funk's plan, I am eating 4-5 small meals a day - grazing. It’s difficult to get away from 3 square meals a day, but the increase of protein is good, and I haven't been hungry. I also just added an L-Glutamine supplement twice daily to my daily list of "things to do" and I feel like it's working already.

I was not sore at all this morning, and was very relaxed going to sleep last night. Today was my first pilates class since beginning weights last week. I've been taking the class twice a week (one day is with a stability ball, and the other day is with bands) for a year and half, and today I noticed a marked improvement in my planking, and I felt stronger overall, which was a wonderful feeling.

This evening, Shay and I headed to the gym to do the chest workout I didn't do last night, and some cardio. I kept my weights low, and took my time, as I do not want a repeat of Sunday! I am also going to ice my arms just in case.Tomorrow I have the day off from weights and cardio to let my muscles re-coup. And I'll probably do some light stretching.

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