Sunday, September 23, 2007

Squats Use 244 Different Muscles

Top 4 Exercises for Weight Gain

I want to thank all who participated in last months Poll Question. I asked "Which one of the listed exercises used the most muscles. Well 41 people answered and the results are in. 48% thought that Squats used the most muscle. 36% went with Dead lifts followed by 5% - Standing Military and 2% - Bench Press.

Because these exercises use multi-joint movements and involve numerous muscle groups as prime movers and helpers, the following exercises are best for simulating muscle-mass increases:

1. Squats - good old-fashioned squats, uses 244 different muscle groups in some matter
2. Dead lifts - including the stiff-leg version for hamstrings, targets a good number of muscles
3. Bench Press - these work the pecs (major and minor), anterior delts, triceps and even some serratus
4. Bent Over Rows - great for lat, erector and rear-delt development

Remember whether male or female, you must include squats in your leg routine. Check out past Olympian Ronnie Coleman's squat 800lbs.

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