Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Friend Juan Caban from New York has launched his new fitness/networking website that links you to people with fitness interests, trainers and information. You need to sign up free and use this site. It's great. I am a trainer on here as well.
Most of us would like to get or stay in shape, and know how tough it can be sometimes when you're working out alone and don’t have a friend/spotter/trainer with you to push you to your max... the solution is
The premise behind is to assist you in reaching your fitness goals by supplying you with all the tools needed to do so, with that said one of our goals is helping you locate a fitness partner in your area; to go to the gym with, run those 2 miles, play any sport, or any other fitness activity you can think of.
One of the truly unique features of is the site can also assist you in finding a Fitness trainer who specializes in your needs... as well as giving you detailed fitness and realistic diet plans to help get you over that plateau we sometimes find ourselves at when trying to reach that next level of fitness. Best of all being a member is completely FREE!! Please check it out.…. It'll take less than 2 minutes to join sign in and take advantage of some really great people who are searching for the same thing as you.... a trainer or workout partner.
Juan J. Caban

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