Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Almighty Superset

by Estella Hom
Kettlebell Expert

Looking for a way to get more out of your workout in less time? Supersets are an excellent way to tone your body and boost your training.
A superset involves alternating between two or more exercises until the prescribed number of sets is complete, with no rest between exercises.
This works because it targets more muscle groups in less time, thus making it a very efficient means of training. More muscle fibers are engaged and therefore more calories are burned.
You will feel it work right away. The added intensity from a superset increases the amount of blood flowing through the body parts being worked which in turn will help your muscles work more efficiently.
Here's a 20 minute workout you can try at home or at the office.
* Perform each superset 2x. Rest for 30 seconds between sets
A1 1 arm KB swing x20 each arm
A2 Twisting KB Side Passes x20 total
A3 Windmill x20 each side
B1 KB Triceps Back Scratchers x20
B2 Bicep curls in half squat position x20
C1 KB Forward Lunge x20
C2 Meet the Queen x20
C3 1 Leg Squat Press x20
Love your kettlebell.

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