Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dean Boukaras Official Funk Fitness Nutritional Expert

I would like to welcome Dean Boukaras to the Funk Roberts Fitness Team. Dean is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Expert. He is in the works of publishing his new book which focuses on showing people how to make positive life style changes.

In addition, Dean contributes to his fitness Blog and publishes a fitness newsletter for many of his members. He continues to venture into the health and fitness field, helping those who seek his services. Dean is know by many as highly passionate in his career and is often known to over deliver on his promises.

Dean will be writing articles and sharing his Fitness and Nutritional knowledge on this Blog and the Funk Roberts Facebook Group. Make sure you subscribe to his knowledge and join his Facebook Fit Group

Dean’s Fitness Blog

Facebook Fit Group – Health, Fitness. Weight Loss & More

Welcome aboard Dean.

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