Thursday, June 12, 2008

Funk Junior's Top 10 Outdoor Games

As North Americans for the third straight year, we have received a failing D grade, indicating that overall progress on improving physical activity among children and youth has stalled. Overweight and obesity is at an all time high with a few contributors.
The major one is that children and youth are spending twice as much time in front of a screen as they do engaged in physical activity. That is a problem. Well never fear because Funk Jr. is here to aid with some helpful tips as to how you can keep your kids active.

Junior, at 11 years old, is an extremely active boy. If he is not playing on one of many school sports teams, or dreadfully doing his homework, then you will always find him, across the street in the field or in the court yard, where he and a boatload of his pals play. Oh and forget about seeing him on the weekends, because when the rooster crows he is out the door and he won't return until the street lights come on.
Do you need to get you child active?
Here are Funk Junior's Top 10 Outdoor Games:
1. Football - usually played 6 on 6 in the field. No pads with full contact - ouch!
2. Manhunt - this one is like tag but once you catch someone then they are on your team
3. Four Square - King, Queen Jack, Ass - This is played on school grounds or in the courtyard - you must remember this gem
4. Handball - played on a wall with a tennis ball - singles or doubles
5. Roller Street Hockey - since there is no snow/ice, he still finds a way to enjoy Canada's greatest pastime
6. Basketball - 5 on 5 full-court on an 8 ft rim - can you say DUNK CONTEST!
7. Soccer - the Toronto FC helped to propel this already popular game into the stratosphere
8. Tackle British - BRITISHHH!!! - My all-time favourite game , these kids go full steam ahead tackling each other left-right and centre
9. Hide and Seek - This classic is still among favourites, especially in that courtyard
10. Capture the Flag - a camp classic can still be played at home
To help keep our children and youth active, we need to Engage and empower them to get active and target the after school hours for increasing physical activity opportunities.

Funk and Funk Jr,
Get Active!

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