Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Supplement Special - Sportlab Fem Phat Attack Stack

Go from fat to ‘phat’ with Sportlab’s latest stack!

Its time to stop dreaming about losing that extra 15 and pounds and start living it. Get that beach body and keep it.

A woman’s metabolism is different. Our bodies love fat and once they get it they won’t let go. That’s why 95% of all diets fail.

It’s time to become one of the five percent and exercise alone won’t get you there. Ask any female fitness professional and they’ll tell you diet and supplements are critical to success.

Milky Whey’s unique blend of fast and slow release protein will not only keep you feeling full longer, but maintains lean muscle mass. Here’s how it works: When you eat protein a chemical is released that travels to the brain and tells it “Stop Eating!” This doesn’t happen when you snack on a rice cake. Protein also helps prevent the loss of muscle and muscle requires more energy than fat. More muscle means more calories are burned even sitting at your desk!

CE3 CLA: CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It’s a healthy fat that has been proven in study after study to promote weight loss!

Phat Burner is a unique blend of Sportlab’s PhatBlast, GlucoBlast and HydroBlast. These work to ensure your metabolism is working at peak efficiency and to give that extra energy you need throughout your hectic day.

Here’s how it all comes together! In nature protein doesn’t exist without fat – think of the fat content of nuts and dairy and meat. Combining Milky Whey’s delicious shakes with the healthy fat CLA, all while increasing energy and metabolism with Phat Burner will guarantee results!
Don’t let all your hard work in the gym go to waste!

Get the help you deserve with Sportlab’s Fem Phat Attack Stack!
This stack includes
1 SportLab Milky Whey 5lb (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry)
1 Sportlab CLA 90 softgels
1 Sportlab Phat Burner 120 caps

all this for $99.95

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