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These clothes are awesome..I like getting into them and not fighting with the stretch yet they conform to my body perfectly!!! I definitely want more!!!
Amanda Lynn Mayhew - Model/Creator of Fytness Fanatik

Margarita Wear
The other day, I was walking through the Beaches, and spot two young ladies, strutting their fit bodies down the street, with yoga mats in hand; but there was something different about these two.
Their attitude was free-spirited and the yoga wear was crazy FUNKY. I had find out what was going on.

I asked them where they got the yoga pants, thinking they were part of the leading yoga company’s line of clothing. Their response in unison was surprising “It’s Margarita Wear, we got it at Tanning Escape in the Beaches” and off they went.

Anna Christensen, owner of the Tanning Escape at 2076 Queen Street East in the Beaches and an avid yogi herself, brought the line into her store as way to offer her clients activewear that allows them to express their individualism through the variety vibrant colours and unique designs, yet not give up the comfort and durability one needs.

Personally I think this look is awesome. It’s a different look and still gives ladies the curves that they want and that men admire.
Margarita concentrates on producing small quantities of any given design, maintaining originality and combining style, comfort and a bit of sensuality. These clothes certainly make a strong fashion statement while using the highest quality fabric with performance in mind. Margarita is for both the serious and casual athlete who value looking their best

Fabrics used are specified to Supplex Type AA, which besides giving comfort while exercising, facilitates the skin's natural breathing process. This fabric holds its shape, even through multiple washings. Even better, it won’t wrinkle, shrink or fade, so it will stay new looking for a very long time. Also, it will never fuzz or pill.

So if you are in the Beaches or want to get more info on viewing and purchasing Margarita, contact Anna at the Tanning Escape 2076 Queen St E –Toronto T: 416-698-0765 and she will guide you to beauty, Anna will also be displaying a variety of Margarita products during the Beaches Jazz Festival

I’m going to leave you with a quote from their website; I feel it says it all.

Margarita means top quality, functional and attractive activewear. It looks and feels so great and has such a flattering fit, you’ll never want to wear anything else! Margarita makes every ASS look great!

For more info contact
Anna Christensen
Tanning Escape
2076 Queen St E
T: 416-698-0765
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