Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm not sure if you've heard the buzz yet about Tom Venuto's new hardcover book, to be released by a major New York City Publisher (Avery/Penguin Books) on January 8th 2009.

If you haven't, you will. Tom has already been contacted by some of the largest fitness magazines in the world to talk about what's inside his new book... (The women's magazines have been especially interested for reasons you'll learn inside Tom's new report)

In a new 21 page transcript that Tom just uploaded to the web for you to read, you will learn Tom's newest insights, techniques and strategies for fat loss success in 2009

Download and read this report and you will learn:

- Tom's simple solution to End emotional eating and stop diet self sabotage once and for all

- The massive confusion-causing and myth-making problem even worse than information overload and Tom's fool-proof solution

- Tom says, Body fat is NOT a problem, it's a _________________ (get this, or you'll be barking up the wrong tree forever)

- Why people are failing with applying positive thinking and law of attraction to their fitness efforts

- How to go beyond goal setting by crafting a powerful "vision" that motivates you for life

- How to eat healthy food almost unconsciously by using science- proven mental re-programming

- Why it may be fat loss suicide to listen to 12 week transformation contest winners or TV show weight loss contest winners

- Weight maintenance strategies of people who lose and keep off 50 lbs or more for 5 years or more

You're going to see Tom and The Body Fat Solution Book in the major media everywhere in 2009, and you will see the book on the shelves of every major bookstore in North America....

But you don't have to wait to learn some of Tom's newest fat loss discoveries!

I just got a sneak preview for you from the first full-length interview Tom has ever given about his New Book!

Subscribers to the Funk Fitness blog and newsletter (that's you) are getting the inside scoop TODAY, in this 21 page transcript:


This transcript is from a full one-hour tele-seminar where Tom's site manager picked Tom's brain about what's inside his new book and how you can use it to get leaner, healthier and stronger in 2009 and beyond.

I can guarantee that when you read this report from Tom, his new insights on the reasons people are still failing with fat loss and why 90% of losers are regaining the weight, will give you the most enlightening "A-HA's" of your life.

You can download the report, "An Introduction To The Body Fat Solution" from the link below, and get Tom's newest advice that will help you NAIL your fitness goals in 2009 and more importantly, Maintain your results FOR THE LONG TERM:


You can also pass this download link along to your friends, if you think it will help them. -

Expect success,

Funk Roberts

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