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For those of you who do not know, Jay Cutler is a bodybuilding professional and 2-time Mr Olympia and 5-time runner up. This is an interview from Ryan Shanahan’s I Love My Kettlebell Website.

Interview with Lisa Balash , owner of Elite Physiques kettlebell studio , located in Las Vegas.

Q - When did you first see a Kettlebell?

A - I first saw a KettleBell in 2006 at a Pilate’s studio .I began training myself for the 2006 Figure Nationals in Las Vegas and I was trying to change my look of overly muscular to more of a lean, longer look. I then decided to add the kbells and Pilates together to create my trademarked Kettle-lates training system and I transformed myself by taking off 20lbs and lengthening out my muscles.

Q – What kind of results did you get from Kettlebells?

A - I used the kettlebells for 40 min 2-3 days per week and was having trouble keeping the weight on, It was literally melting off of me. The results were phenomenal! Everyone started commenting on how much they loved my new look.

After that I decided to get certified to teach kettlebells and share with everyone this awesome training tool. I soon became a certified instructor with IKFF and opened my studio Elite Physiques here in Vegas.

Q – Does Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler use Kettlebells?

A - Yes, Jay Cutler has been a client of mine and we are focusing on his Mr. . Olympia comeback win in 2009. Jay likes the cardio challenge of KB’s and also the results for the glute ham tie in separation .

We do combine swings, Turkish getups along with Snatches for timed sets of 2-3 min each side. Jay is going to bring a brand new and unbeatable package to the Olympia stage this year !I am also training IFBB Pro Figure competitor Elaine Goodlad for her upcoming Europa show in April.

She is using kettlebells 2 days a week and she will be on an upcoming reality show that will follow her training and competing. So we should see her snatching on tv in the near future!

Q - Why do you Love Kettlebells ?

A - I love kbells because they are efficient and effective.I love teaching because its fun for clients they love the results that they get and the challenge of the mind body connection.It is very similar to Pilates in the fact that you have to be in the moment and core is always being used!!

Thank you for the interview, now Im off to train Mrs. Cutler, Jay’s wife, who also looks phenomenal!

For more information about Lisa’s classes and personal training visit her

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