Monday, April 27, 2009

Want To Inject New Life Into Your Workout?

Take a break! Yes that’s right. Give yourself a one-week holiday from your workout routine. It’ll make you enjoy your workouts that much more when you return to your routine. While you’re off for the week, think of a new activity that you can incorporate into your schedule.

It will give you a new goal to work toward. When I give myself the one-week-workout-holiday, it reinvigorates my workouts and allows me to work harder when I return. Try the one-week workout break every 3 to 4 months.

Davelle Morrison

Karmic Fitness facilitates yoga where you live, work & play.

Karmic Fitness helps you to achieve a healthy body, mind & soul by bringing yoga to you wherever you work, live or congregate. We make yoga accessible & convenient by bringing instructors to you. Developing our bodies & minds is critical to achieving optimal health.

We’ll come to your workplace, condominium or gathering space for 8 week sessions to teach yoga.

Davelle Morrison is the owner of Karmic Fitness and has been an avid fitness enthusiast for her entire life

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