Sunday, October 11, 2009

Before You Sit Down to Thanksgiving Dinner...

Whether you are celebrating this weekend or in a month, before you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner remember these great tips from Fit, Firm and Fab Nutritionist Laura Discepola.

It's Turkey Time!
by Laura Discepola, CNP

Are you planning a tasty turkey dinner this Thanksgiving? If so, here are some helpful tips, tricks and hints to ensure to make the best health and nutrition choices during this festive holiday without having to worry about feeling guilty, unbuttoning your pants after dinner or going on a crash diet afterwards. It’s simple: portion control, wise choices, think healthy and have fun!

Try Laura’s Top 10 Ideas to keep you on track this Holiday season:

1. Have a healthy light snack before Thanksgiving dinner so that you don’t fill your plate with more food than you actually need. Sometimes our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs!

2. Go Skinless – choose the turkey breast (no skin) and have a portion that is roughly the size of a deck of cards (about 4 oz). By doing so you will ensure you are getting lean protein and you will save fat calories and unwanted cholesterol!

3. Remember it’s not a buffet – place healthy portions on your plate once and don’t go back for seconds. Try filling half your plate with vegetables, one quarter with turkey breast and the other quarter with healthy starch (lean whole grain bread stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes or rice).

4. Eat slowly and don’t eat until you are full. Try putting your fork down between bites and enjoy the company, conversation and laughter of your family and friends.

5. If you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner – make healthier, low-calories choices by limiting the amount of butter, salt, cream and fat you use in your recipes. If you are a guest on the other hand and you have no control over the ingredients that may have gone in to a dish, moderation is key – limit yourself to smaller portions and don’t add on the extra gravy or cheese sauce!

6.Avoid the pre-dinner snacks – save room for that yummy turkey dinner!

7. Drink plenty of water. Add some lemon or lime for extra flavor. If you want to fit in with the wine drinkers, ask for a wine glass and make yourself a wine spritzer (half wine, half soda water) and nurse your glass throughout dinner. Water keeps you full and will prevent you from going for seconds.

8. Need dessert? If you are hosting, be sure to prepare a healthy fruit salad or sliced fruit tray. If you are a guest, why not offer to bring a fruit tray and save yourself from the rich, high fat, high calories desserts normally served at Thanksgiving.

9. Go for a walk after dinner, it’s a great way to help with digestion and it will help burn off a few of those extra calories you just consumed.

10 Plan an after dinner activity away from the dinner table if possible so that the leftover food and desserts are staring you down! Or, clear the dinner table and organize a game of cards, Pictionary or charades! Stay active and busy and avoid the temptation for late night snacking!

Now you can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday worry-free and keep the extra calories away!

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Happy Thanksgiving



  1. lots of great ideas!!

  2. So, 1) Have a healthy snack before dinner, but 6) avoid the pre-dinner snacks?

    Got it!