Thursday, November 26, 2009


post by Davelle Morrison

So what is this equation really about?

It’s a concept introduced to me by Bob Proctor in The Expressions of Your Power CD. It can help you to achieve a healthy active lifestyle.

Notice how your positive or negative thoughts guide you throughout your day to make good or bad decisions. Remember what you put into your body mentally is just as important as what you put into your body nutritionally.

Changing your thinking to be positive around health, fitness & nutrition will lead you to have a happy emotion associated with a healthy body.

That positive emotion will lead you to start acting on your vision of a healthy lifestyle which in turn will lead you to achieving the results that you want with a life more focused on health, nutrition & fitness.

What you feed your mind is extremely important. Meditation can play a crucial role here as you learn to take at least 10 minutes of silence everyday where you simply sit and breathe. Develop positive sayings which can re-enforce the positive energy around you.

My positive thoughts & emotions around health & fitness have now lead me toward achieving my goals of a healthy body. Think of organizing (your action) your week on a calendar so that you can ensure that you have time for meditation, yoga, workouts & healthy food preparation.

A little organization will go a really long way in helping you to achieve your Fit, Firm ‘n Fab goals.

I set aside Sunday evenings to prepare fruits & vegetables in 5 containers for each day of the week to ensure that I eat healthy everyday at the office. I also prepare my lunches for the week at that time.

My results are incredible. For the 2-3 hours of time I’ve put in, I’ve not only saved myself at least $100/week ($400 a month & $3,600/year!), I’ve saved myself a ton of calories in the process which helps to keep my weight down. A great result indeed!

See what you can do to help your positive thoughts & emotions lead you to act and gain better results.

Davelle Morrison is a certified Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer and Co-creator of FIT, FIRM ‘N FAB Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness for Women.

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