Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ashbridges Beach in 2010 – The future of Not So Pro and Canadian So Pro is in jeopardy!

What you are about to read is very close to my heart and is my passion. As you may or may not know over the past 6 years I have been the Chairman, Tournament Director and have run the Canadian So Pro Beach Volleyball tour, one of Canada’s best.

I am sad to say that for me and so many professional beach volleyball players throughout Canada, the future of Not So Pro including Sports Leagues, Ski + Snowboard Club, Social Scene, Beach Tour, Tournaments, Canadian So Pro and PVB Youth Volleyball is in dire straits and jeopardy of losing the access to Ashbridges beach.

Please read below and contact your councillor.

The following matter is extremely important to us and to YOU and we would appreciate that you to take the time to inform yourself of the details. We would like to tell you about our current situation with Ashbridges beach.

Not So Pro started beach volleyball at Ashbridges 14 years ago and has since become a community success story. Throughout the years, Not So Pro has built lasting relationships with hundreds of companies, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities, has developed youth programs, supported local schools, as well as helped to build an entire beach volleyball community; YOU!

In 2009 Not So Pro has paid the City of Toronto over $230,000. Since 2005, our most recent contract, over $1 million has been paid to the City including $125,000 through your registration fees toward building a playground at Ashbridges beach. The playground has not yet been constructed. This playground issue, numerous breaches in our contract, future construction of the bathing station, the city strike, and other matters around the 5 year contract renewal have lead us to where we are presently.

This issue will be brought before City council on March 31st that all Councillors are going to have to vote on to decide whether or not, Not So Pro will be able to continue all of the great accomplishments we have achieved since 1996. We are confident that with our proven track record and your support that the City Councillors will make the right informed decision and we will be back on the beach in 2010!

This entire situation has been completely agonizing for all of us at Not So Pro. It is a travesty that our business is in jeopardy of being taken away after 14 years of hard work and to simply hand it over to another organization as if it is the City’s to give. This decision will affect all properties within Not So Pro including our Sports Leagues, Ski + Snowboard Club, Social Scene, Beach Tour, Tournaments, Canadian So Pro, PVB Youth Volleyball, etc. We have been trying to act in good faith and negotiate fairly with the City of Toronto for many years until as recently as a couple of weeks ago. These actions are not fair and are morally unjust!

We ask you to please read more of this story so that you have a clear understanding of the situation at hand on our website and respectfully communicates to your Councillor and the Mayor to vote to have Not So Pro continue what we started at Ashbridges Beach.

To read more about our story and for more information on how to contact your local Councillor and the Mayor, please click here! -

Thank you in advance!


Marc Roberts and the Not So Pro Sports Team
Not So Pro - Toronto
p: 416.694.6244
f: 416.694.4654


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