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The new Strength and Conditioning website is dedicated to helping athletes gain the information they need to be in top condition for fights, training and fat loss. This extraordinary site offers users 100% free videos.


Toronto, Ontario Canada October 9, 2010 – The new Strength and Conditioning Videos website is dedicated to helping athletes gain the information they need to be in top condition for fights, training and fat loss. This extraordinary site offers users 100% free videos including:

- Workouts;
- Training;
- Diet and Nutrition;
- Featured Trainers;
- Fighter Interviews,
- MMA Products and so much more.

FunkMMA is the creation of former professional volleyball player turned Fitness Trainer, MMA Conditioning Coach and Muay Thai Fighter. Funk Roberts says, “The mission of the website is to provide a single place for all MMA athletes to get the training information and videos they need to be the best conditioned fighter they can be."

Funk trained in Thailand last year and met a lot of MMA fighters that were struggling with putting together workouts to help with their strength and conditioning as a supplement to their MMA training.

He also found a lot of the athletes did not have the proper guidance for diet and nutrition. Funk adds, "I want FunkMMA to provide visitors 100% free on-going, updated training advice, workouts, nutrition and exercises from myself as well as other featured trainers."

Funk has over sixty videos on YouTube approaching a million views and wanted a place to consolidate them all with the weekly updates.

Funk is keenly aware of how frustrating it can be surfing the web for good workouts with limited success. In fact, there are very few that will incorporate all the training requirements as FunkMMA will.

FunkMMA brings in depth knowledge of high level training in order to be successful with the MMA discipline.

Funk, a fitness trainer and entrepreneur is currently getting his MMA Conditioning Coach Certification through the MMACA and is training for a professional Muay Thai fight in Thailand. He is well known by his many followers as an innovator, providing new focused workouts and programs. Funk does this because he is a big supporter of knowledge sharing and wants to be sure he is bringing the best MMA training information to visitors of the website.

The Featured Trainer section brings the best MMA trainers in the world under a single section of the website providing his visitors with top training exercises, workouts and techniques.

FunkMMA will also have a Facebook Fan Page that will host updates, allow users to upload pictures, share comments and in the future, host weekly Q & A sessions.

If you are a Fitness Trainer or MMA coach, there is a section especially for you to grab workouts and exercises that can be leveraged for your athletes, clients or boot camp circuit programs. Additionally, there will be contests, special MMA product discounts and giveaways.

This is an awesome site with lots of incredible MMA training information and the access is FREE to everyone all over the world.

More information can be found online at

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