Wednesday, May 9, 2007

10 Nutritional Nuggets

If you have been experimenting with different diets and can’t seem to find the one that works, get your balance back and follow the Funk Roberts nutrition tips. In time you will see a big difference in you health and the that YO-YO that you can’t seem to get to sleep, will finally be put to bed.

1. Eat frequently throughout the day
It is important to eat at regular intervals, ideally every 3-5 hours. Skipping meals or reducing your calorie intake does not help control weight in the long term.

2. Eat smaller meals (at least 6 meals)
Instead of eating 3 big meals, eating small frequent meals will help to balance your calorie intake throughout the day and also keeps your blood sugar level balanced.

3. Increase your water intake
Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and you will stay well hydrated.

4. Take a multivitamin/mineral every day
It’s good to take one all-purpose multivitamin a day

5. Cut down the alcohol
Alcohol taken in moderation can be beneficial to health, but if you are watching your weight, it is relevant to know that the calories from alcohol cannot be used as fuel for exercise.

6. Do not eliminate carbs
I love pasta. The normal diet should provide ample carbohydrates at all times, 50-60% of your total calorie intake should be what you should target, especially if you are active

7. Essential fats are needed in your diet
Essential fats such as eating oily fish (tuna, mackerel and herrings) at least 3 times a week is good as they contain the beneficial Omega 3 oil.

8. Fruit and Veggies are essential
We should be eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day for general health. I’m an apple monger.

9. Make sure you meet your protein meals
Although the daily protein intake depends on body weight, a diet should comprise of about 20% protein

10. Cheat Day
Make sure if you are dieting to give yourself a cheat day once a week to eat the foods of your choice. mmmmm Chocolate!

Stay tuned next week for an exclusive overseas interview with Canadian Olympic hopeful and professional athlete Rich Van Huizen.

Funk Roberts
Don’t Rush the Beat!

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