Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Physiofitness Can Help You

How many people fail when starting a fitness program due to some type of pain or injury? The answer is, most people! Well rest assured the new trend of Physiofitness can solve this troublesome issue. Whether you want to heal your knee, fix your ankle or strengthen your core, Physiofitness can help you. Even if your looking to lose a few pounds Physiofitness is the answer.

How does this work you ask? Well, 70% of Toronto's working population has some form of extended health benefits; Physio, Massage, Chrio and Orthotics. The idea is to get some professional help with body pain and injury while getting your body into shape. Lets face facts, in most cases a 10lb weight reduction will do wonders for your bad knee or bad ankle. Learning how to stretch can help your back and hips. You need to take care of your health related issues in addition to your fitness goals.

So if you want to find out how to fix your knee, strengthen your back and loose 20lbs all at the same time for little or no cost then Physiofitness is for you!

By Steve Delaney

For more information contact
Steve Delaney
Health Consultant for Medcore

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