Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MEGA Ripped Muscle in 50 days!

Hi Funk Roberts Readers,

I’m Ryan ' Sgt' Shanahan. A high-profile Celebrity Personal Trainer.

During the past 3 years I started a business, got married, bought a house, and my wonderful daughter was born. I can tell you I didn't hit the weights as much as I had in the past, instead Marathon running was a new goal for me. Running kept me healthy and slim, but didn't keep my muscles looking strong & pumped.

Mid February I received a random e-mail from West Coast based trainer Robert Dos Remedios , calling me a chicken neck , skinny and saying anyone that trains celebrities doesn't know what they’re talking about.

That's all I needed -- a challenge to provide a catalyst for me to make a decisive hardcore change! I've discovered one of the secrets of success is having a target goal to aim for. For me the more “impossible” sounding the better, because I know (and have experience) the body can perform feats that sound “impossible”. Your state of mind is the key issue here.

My focus was set on a Drug Free and Tested Body Building Competition put on by the on June 30 2007. I called up an old competitive bodybuilder friend that lives in Venice Beach, California and asked him for some tips or pro secrets. He said Ryan, contact peak performance hypnotherapist Pete Siegel, he's the guy that all the pros go to. From Victor Martinez, to Lee Haney, to Top CEO's; they all give him credit as being their “secret success weapon”.

I booked a session, and got to personally speak with Pete. I told him my goals, and that I only had 7 weeks to get a Bodybuilders body. Without hesitation Pete put me on his "Steppin' Up To Mega-Muscle And Power!" program.

It included a 140 Page e-Book, Plus 5 FREE Incredible Bonus Manuals, And Two FREE performance Impact Strengthening MP3 Downloads !

And Just Check Out These Testimonials:

“Pete Siegel’s level of knowledge and understanding enables you to take what you have… and make it better. – yeah, notably better! This program helps you do just what the title says - step up -- to make new, clearly noticeable muscular gains and improvements!
Victor Martinez
Mr. Olympia Top 3 Finalist
Winner - 2007 Arnold Classic
GNC Show Of Strength Champion

When I personally worked with Pete Siegel, and used his tapes, I was very satisfied with the results I experienced. His methods helped me improve!
Lee Haney - 8 times Mr. Olympia

Pete Siegel gives you the strategies, direction, and subconscious power motivation fuel you’ll need to push your mental threshold so you can decidedly make your muscles…GROW!
Lee Priest - Mr. Olympia Top 10 Finalist

For years I've published Pete Siegel's articles; he helps you get results. And his new program here combines all the elements enabling anyone serious about working out, and improving, to generate the dynamic personal power which compels their personal best!
Joe Weider – Publisher Of Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Shape magazines

And I have to tell you, only 7 weeks later I hit my Target Goal with a 2nd place finish in the Heavy Weight Novice division !! My Before and After pictures prove how effective this program is !!!

The pros use this program to enhance their workout performance and muscle gains – and now, you can too! This program delivers BIG TIME … and KEEPS delivering with every workout you take! Your solid muscular gains and improvement will be eye opening, and compelling... GUARANTEED!

That’s why I invite you to go to and order your copy NOW! It’s only $39.95, and you get a ton of free bonus support materials. Yeah - go ahead and order NOW, so you start making mega-muscle a fact…for You!

Time to Get Big, Peaked…And Ripped!

Ryan 'Sgt' Shanahan

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