Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Supplement of the Week - Fusion T2 (Fat Burner)

T2 Works - Get Your Butt In Shape

You’ll feel T2 from the first dose. A surge of heat will race through your body - ripped abs are your goal. You smile confidently at passing admirers, knowing you’ll soon be in the best shape of your life. You know this because you take T2, and that’s your difference. Pound by pound, T2 shreds your unwanted fat.

T2 Ingredients: Intense Heat Producing Herbal Blend

Each two (2) capsule serving contains:

Ginephrine (Proprietary blend of Citrus aurantium (8%) and Panax ginseng) 500 mg
Kola Nut Extract (Cola natida) 16% caffeine 500 mg
Guarana (Paullina cupana) 22% caffeine 100 mg
White Willow Bark (Salix alba) 15% salicins 100 mg
Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum frutescenes) 35,000 H.U 60 mg
Ginger Root (Zingiberis officinale) 40 mg

What’s does what:

Generates heat and burns fat.

Kola Nut:
Increases fat burning hormones and fat burning.

Cayenne :
Increases heat generation, increases calorie burning and speeds
weight loss.

The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics published a study in June of 2001 showing an average 11.2 pound weight loss in a group taking a mixture of yerba mate, guaraná and damiana, compared to an average 1 pound loss in a placebo group after 45 days.

Ginger Root:
May help with weight loss by stimulating digestion and toning the muscles of the intestinal tract.

White Willow:
Prevents tolerance to fat burning compounds like synephrine and caffeine. Stops the inhibition of fat burning and prevents the body from adapting to the fat burning abilities of synephrine and caffeine.

Long-term use of ginseng contributes to weight loss.

Use T2 this way to blast thermogenesis into high gear:

Take two capsules two times daily with meals. Do not to take T2 everyday. An on/off cycle is best. Take T2 five days on and two days off, regardless of when you train. An off cycle will maximize T2’s heat producing thermogenic effects.
T2 contains high potency heat producing ingredients. Be sure to drink lots of water when taking it.

CAUTION: For adult use only. Not for use by children, teenagers, pregnant or lactating women.If you are under medical supervision, consult with your physician before use.

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