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As a professional beach volleyball player my shoulders were gold and injuring them would cost me plenty of pain, sorrow and money. Keeping it healthy and strong was my number one priority. You’ve probably heard of the rotator cuff, a group of four small but important muscles that together surround and protect the shoulder joint capsule. You probably don’t think of them as you are pounding away on your presses. But if you injure or tear one, you can essentially kiss your upper-body training goodbye, for a long time.

To help you stay off the training shelf, use this cool down routine to be done immediately following you regular chest or shoulder workout. Do not perform this as a warm up because this will fatigue you rotator cuffs and which will leave them more vulnerable to injury. Stick with light weights and use textbook form, and you will sport some strong and pain free shoulders
1. Behind the Back – Cable Lateral Raises

Perform two sets, 10 reps each
Grasp a D handle attached to a lower pulley, holding it behind you at glute level – your hand should be at the centre of your body, not at your side.
Keep your chest up, shoulders back and eyes forward as you raise your arm straight out to the side, stopping just before it comes parallel to the floor. Slowly return to the start. Complete all reps for one arm, and then switch sides.

2. One Arm Cable Rotation

Perform two sets, 10 reps each
Grasp a D handle attached to an upper pulley at about shoulder height. Your elbow should be slightly bent and away from your body
Pull your arm across your body, bringing your palm from facing forward to facing down. Your elbow stays in the same slightly bent position throughout. Don’t twist your torso; the only body movement should take place at the shoulders

3. Dumbbell Rotation

Perform two sets, 10 reps each
Grasp a dumbbell, stand sideways and bend you elbow to 90 degrees
Lift the dumbbell in a 90 degree arc, from the point where your forearm is parallel to the floor to the point where it’s perpendicular. Complete reps with one arm, then switch.

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