Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lose Belly Fat - 7 Reasons Why You Can't

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Lose Belly Fat - 7 Reasons Why You Can't

1. Make a decision
First of all in order to lose weight, you need to first make that decision. If you're overweight, you simply haven't made the decision to lose weight. I see this all the time in my practice, where people are given the best personalized programs but they never do anything with them. Why? Because they have not decided that they want to lose weight.

Right here, right now I want you to make a decision that you will lose weight. Have you done it yet...What are you waiting for? Well now that you have decided to lose weight you might need to know how to go about it now...Read on!

2. You make more excuses than you think
Excuses get the best of us. Even top athletes have used the occasional excuse to miss a practice or two. What does an excuse sound like? Here let me spell them out for you. I'm too tired, I will do it tomorrow, I don't have any time, I'll never be able to do that, I'm not good enough, and on and on and on...These are but a few, but I'm sure you know what I am talking about. Hey, I have made my fair share too. But nothing great ever happens when excuses rule your world. Stop making excuses, and start making progress.

3. You treat food like it's the enemy!
You think not eating, is what will have you losing weight faster. You think skipping breakfast is a smart thing to do. While at lunch time you decide to join your colleagues for a feast at the closest fast food joint. The fact is that eating isn't the enemy. It's the types of foods we eat and when we eat them. Never skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day, and not because the cereal commercials tell you that.
It's because this meal known as breakfast will start up your metabolism. This is a good thing, trust me. Not eating in the morning and through out the day will have your metabolism screeching to a halt. Eat clean foods and frequently. The definition of eating clean seems to be different from person to person, but I will eliminate that confusion in an upcoming article.

4. You eat 5-6 times in a week
Many people eat once a day, and usually in he evening right before bed. This isn't good, a) because you consumed a high calorie dense meal that will most likely end up getting stored as fat and b) your metabolism becomes very slow when you sleep making the food easily stored as fat, rather than being used as energy. The objective is to eat frequently throughout the whole day, eating anywhere from 5-6 portions. This will help you keep your metabolism from shutting down.
When I say portions I mean portions, not full servings. You can schedule 3 portions and 2 snacks if this is easier for you. You can have a portion at breakfast, lunch & dinner and 2 snacks between your meals. What is a portion? A portion is the size of a closed fist. Picture you were going to eat a piece of chicken, a sweet potato, and some salad. The chicken breast would be the size of your closed fist, and so would the potato. This is considered a portion. I would eat an unlimited amount of salad, and I would include a home made dressing, such as olive oil with herbs.

5. You try to lose weight that you've had for years in a few weeks
Losing weight too fast can be unhealthy, and will leave your skin very loose. The objective is to do it gradually. Shoot for 1-2 maybe 3 lbs a week of weight loss. You may lose a bit more especially in the beginning and depending on your size. By losing weight slowly your metabolism can adjust and so can your skin. It will be able to adapt to the gradual weight loss. Take your time, after all it probably took you some time to accumulate the weight, so what's the rush to get rid of it.

6. You go on "fad" diets like it's going out of style
Fad diets have confused all of us, especially those whom want to lose weight. The fact that it's a diet alone should warn you. You have to understand these diets are made to capitalize on this ever growing weight loss market. If you decide to follow a fad diet you'll notice you gain the weight back once you come off it. These diets are quick fixes, but the real fix is long term healthy habits and the right knowledge and application.

7. You don't have the right information in the right order
Many people out there claim to be experts but the sad truth is not many are. For the few that are, you need to listen to them and take their advice as it will surely help you succeed like never before. My good friend Mike Geary has a great website full of helpful information. Take a minute to visit it as it will prove useful. The link has been provided below...
Click HERE to find out how they did it!

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