Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sgt Shanahan Bootcamp is Back

I am excited to annouce that the Sgt Shanahan Boot Camp - Leading the War on Excess Body Fat is back for another year and can't wait to see both graduates and new recruits. Here is a awesome message and opportunity from the Sgt himself.

Greetings Sgt Shanahan Boot Camp Graduates.

Ryan Shanahan here, checking in with you to see how your winter is going and to update you up with some news.

The 2008 Sgt Shanahan Boot Camp workouts will start May31, the first Saturday after the long week-end.

Funk Roberts will be back in Full Force, along with some new trainers and professional athletes, including a Super Bowl winner!!!

Same location as last summer

Hopefully you have continued your kettlebell workouts over the winter but if your in need of incentive, I have a great opportunity for you and to help your dear trainer out.

Currently I am involved with an exciting new project and would like to give you the opportunity to get involved.

We are going to show the world how kettlebells can make you healthy and fit. I've created a new series of kettlebell workout DVDs to be sold through a North American wide infomercial and we are looking for folks to be interviewed and provide testimonials about how kettlebells helped you get in shape and to potentially appear in our infomercial.

Here is how you can participate. The first thing we need is to collect before and after boot camp photos. It was an oversight for me not to do it at the time, but if you have any photographs you feel comfortable in sharing, I would welcome them.

We need photos any time period prior to the boot camp or one on one work outs with myself , and then photos current or after the boot camp / one on one workouts showing your new appearance. Ideally we would like the photos to be just of you, with a simple background, and in sharp focus.

If that is not available, please send what you have and we can work with it, if you are interested in participating. The next step then is to join us for a free refresher workout and follow-up interview. It will only take an hour or two of your time.

During the video taped interviews, our production staff will ask you basic questions about your kettlebell and Ryan Shanahan workout experience (howthe workouts helped you reach your goals, made you feel better, how the workouts changed your body, etc). Not to worry, the questions will be straight forward, nothing scary. Some of these interviews may then be incorporated in our infomercial.

If you are interested in participating, I need your photos as soon as possible, in order to arrange the appropriately sized facility for us to, do the follow-up workout and interview. We have not quite nailed down the timing as yet, but it looks like it may be late March or early April.

Please feel free to send any questions about thisproject to me and I will happily answer.Thank for their consideration and I look forward toseeing you soon.
Ryan Shanahan - Your Personal Trainer
EnergyFlow Fitness
1864 Lake Shore Blvd East Toronto, ON M4L 6S8
T: 416 698 4155
" 90% of people fail with their fitness programs.The other 10% train with Ryan ! "
- Matt Cauz - client

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  1. I've seen this Matt Cauz live and in-person. Ryan has definitely been working wonders on him. He's an absolute adonis. Not sure if I spelled that right. Anyways, he is the sexy host of a show on Sun TV called "The 411". Maybe they should call it "The 911" because I got so hot after seeing him that I had to call the fire department. What a hunk of a man!!!