Monday, March 17, 2008

Six Specific Uses for the Various Nutritional Supplements

1. If you work in the heat and humidity, train in a very hot gym, or have a tendency to sweat a great deal, you would benefit by taking the water soluble vitamins and minerals. Take some C, B- complex and multiple minerals before the train and you’ll have a much more productive workout.

2. If you have an unusual number of illness, especially those of the respiratory variety, add vitamins C A and D and E to your program to help fortify your immune system.

3. If you have difficulty breathing during an aerobic activity, try taking some B-Complex, E, C and multiple minerals about an hour before you start your activity.

4. If you are very low on energy, try eating some carbs such as fruit. Then take a couple of B-complex vitamins before exercising.

5. If you have trouble failing asleep or even relaxing, take two or three magnesium-calcium tablets with some milk at bedtime.

6. If you are trying to add bodyweight, drink a protein milk shake immediately after training and another before bedtime.

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