Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The pinnacle of Wedding Season is just around the corner and whether you are the bride, in the wedding party or just attending you always want to look your best in that dress.

Now is also the time, says Registered Dietician and author of the Dress-Size-Reduction-Diet Jayson Hunter, for prospective brides to think about how they're going to look their wedding dress on the biggest day in their lives--not to mention for all those pictures

"Plenty of women, and men too, take a fast and furious approach as the wedding date gets closer," says Jayson Hunter. "That's the last thing you want to do. Not eating is a terribly unhealthy thing to do to your body. Plus, the lack of energy from a lack of proper nutrition will cause the stress of planning such an event to seem that much greater."

Hunter offers this advice to any woman who wants to look great in their wedding dress:

1) Plan ahead--It takes time to lose weight properly. A pound of fat per week is a realistic and healthy goal for anyone. The more time you allow for sustained loss of weight, the better.

2) Implement a muscle-building strength training program -- Muscle is the only tissue in the human body that burns fat for energy. Plus, it will give the lean, toned look that looks great in pictures.

3) Eat small, nutritious meals -- Skipping meals does nothing more than slow down your metabolism.

4) Get plenty of rest--The positive changes that occur to your body mostly happen while you're asleep.

5) Enjoy yourself--Take advantage of the extra energy exercise provides and transfers it to the planning of your event.

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Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS is a registered dietician and personal trainer with over ten years of experience. He specializes in helping people lose weight quickly and safely so they look great for any special event they want to look their best for.

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