Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jump Rope to Shred Fat

Who says losing weight can’t be fun? Jump Rope World Champion, Buddy Lee, knows the secret.

Jumping rope is an exercise that builds aerobic and high intensity capacity. You can easily push heart rate to its maximum if you turn the rope as fast as you can. If you go slower, you will still push harder than when you jog with a friend. So, you can get in shape faster than you could by running, swimming or cycling. Scientist find, because you are concentrating on the skill, you do not notice the pain as much. Rope jumping is fantastic if you want to improve fitness quickly, develop fast, powerful legs and shred that fat.

Jumping Rope or Skipping is used by all athletes, especially boxers and wrestlers, to build co-ordination in footwork, increase cardio vascular capacity and strengthen the legs.

Jumping rope is a simple, inexpensive, low maintenance activity. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a rope and place to jump. Buy a rope that can easily move around your body. A rope that is too long or too short will prevent fluid movement. The rope is the right length when you can step in the middle of it and lift both ends up to your armpits. It should turn easily in your hands and not bunch up around the handles.

Make sure to choose an area that is flat and not too hard. Try to avoid surfaces like hard concrete and instead go for one that is softer, or springier.

Funkadelic Jump Rope Workout

For fast and highly effective fat burning, interval training is the way to go. I love this workout because I can do it anywhere, anytime,

I perform 3 minute intervals with a 30 second rest in between. A good workout is 10 – 3-minute intervals with 30 second rest periods. Use this time to get some water, dry off and mentally prepare for the next interval. The entire workout should be no longer than 35 minutes.

If you are a beginner, it's importnat to start with lower high intensity intervals, like 30 seconds or a minute and gradually work your way to 10 – 3-minute intervals.

Try different techniques while jumping to break up the monotony, like double leg jumps, alternate legs, high knees, double leg side to sides, criss cross, run jumping, double unders or create your own.

So, next time you see some kids, jumping rope or double-dutching, join in and who knows... you may end up getting your cardio done and having fun all at the same time.

Funk Roberts

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