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Not too long ago I was interviewed by the folks at

Check it out and try my favourite Kettlebell Workout below.

Q - When did you first see a Kettlebell?

A - I used to see kettlebells in the old Muscle and Fitness magazines when I was younger, but didn’t pay too much attention to them then. In 2005 I was re-introduced by my close friend Ryan Shanahan and what an introduction it was. At first I was very sceptical about what a strange looking ball with handles could really do for me. I mean, how can you do bicep curls or bench presses or good ole squats with these things? Wow, did that thought change quickly after my first workout.

Q -Describe your first time picking up Kettlebell?

A - When I first picked up a Kettlebell, it was a little awkward as I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but when you learn how to use them, it’s unbelievable how fast the gains can be. I found out Kettlebells sculpt crazy muscle definition, made my body feel incredible day to day and I can honestly say that even playing volleyball was easier.

Because Kettlebell exercise form is so dynamic I felt muscles in my body that had not been used for a while. Kettlebell workouts are definitely a muscle wakeup call!

Now I understand why Champion athletes use kettlebells.

Q -What is your favourite Kettlebell exercise?

A - My favourite exercise has to be the one arm swing – I love that one. I also came up with a Kettlebell exercise called “Slow Cleans” which I use as a staple in my Bicep training. Girls dig Big Biceps.

Q -Why do you Love Kettlebells?

A - I Love my Kettlebell because my physical achievement while working with kettlebells has been monumental. While training with gym weights has always been great, kettlebells have taken my muscle definition and strength to the next level. After a month of incorporating kettlebells into my usual workouts, I jumped to pressing 125dumbells for reps of 10, when I could only do 100lbs before. If those aren’t results, I don’t know what are.

My favourite aspect of the Kettlebell was not only finding them but teaching them to others. During my Funk Roberts Fitness Bootcamp, the kettlebells was an all-time favourite for the trainees. Although they were difficult at first all the trainees were excited to use them, because they felt and saw results. “Funk, Funk can we please use the kettlebells this session”Kettlebells are a treat that gives trainees crazy results.

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1 Two Arm Swing - 20 reps - 3 sets
2 Alternate Swings - 20 reps - 3 sets
3 Slow Cleans - 15 reps - 3 sets
4 Clean and Press - both arms - 10 per side -3 sets
5 Lunge and Squat combo -10 per side - 3 sets
6 Kettlebell snatch - 10 per side - 3 sets
7 Kettlebell Windmill - 10 per side - 3 sets
8 Kettlebell Ab Crunch - 20 reps - 3 sets
9 Turkish Get-Up - 10 reps - 2 sets

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