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Decide. Commit. Succeed

Here is Vern’s story on how he was able to lose 23lbs of fat, while gaining muscle, definition and overall confidence.

Day 1: Vern 203lbs Day 90: Vern 180lbs

So after seeing that I tipped the scale at 203lbs, I figured enough was enough and it was time to lose the belly and stop feeling like a bag of crap every morning. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

That’s the P90X mantra.

I wondered if one of these infomercial things could actually work, but after talking to Funk about the program and discovering he uses the same "muscle confusion" techniques in many of his workouts and bootcamps, I figured it had to work (I mean, have you seen Funk without a shirt!?!?!).

Approximately $200 later ($120 for the program, $60 for the chin up bar, $20 for a resistance band) I was on my way to losing the fat and gaining some muscle, definition, and an overall good feeling (not to mention confidence!) all in the comfort of my own home.

“That's about the same you'd pay for a gym membership.”

All joking aside though, dropping from 203lbs to 180lbs in 90 days was no easy task.

You have to be dedicated and very disciplined to pull this thing off. Not only was I doing grueling workouts 6 days a week, but my diet had to change dramatically as well.

What did that mean?

NO JUNK FOOD - Absolutely no junk food (chips, candy, pizza, fast food, etc) - all out the door (no exceptions!!!)

NO BEER - No beer - for a guy that usually has 9 beers in a good night out, I had 9 beers over the entire 90 days. That's not to say I gave drinks all together, but when I did, it was vodka/water or scotch on the rocks. No pop and no juice to mix. That's useless sugar.

EAT SMALLER PORTIONS - Start eating smaller portions more frequently…OF THE RIGHT FOODS! Your body needs certain things to recover. Ask Funk - he'll help you out.

EAT MORE FREQUENTLY - Funk had some great diet tips for me in terms of how to space out eating and what to eat at certain times (i.e. If you really want to eat something later in the evening, protein shake or nuts are great)

PREPARE MENTALLY - Having to do about an hour of intense workouts each day means that you need the mental discipline to finish work, battle the traffic home, and still have the mindset to get changed and right to the workout as soon as you walk in the door.

Some of the P90X exercises can be pretty intense when you first start - that's where Funk comes in. He has put together some really amazing sessions that are a perfect "replacement" for a P90X workout. For example, if you can't keep up with the "Ab Ripper X" (16mins of sheer hell)

Funk's 50 is something you can use to stay on pace and build the foundation you need to take it to the next level when you are ready.

I didn’t stick to the Ab routine as much as I should have (hence not a much definition as the commercials), but that's the goal for the end of summer!

P90X legs and back making your legs feel limp? Funk's jump training is another great program that you can substitute to strengthen up those primary muscles for when you're ready to:

'Bring it'.

STATS DAY 1 - 203lbs
DAY 2 - 180lbs


1. Stay Committed. It's hard at first, but it will get easier if you stick with it and don't take days off.

2. Track Your Progress. Write down how many reps and what weights you used so you can try to improve the next time.

3. Eat Properly. The Workouts are only half the battle, you need to eat RIGHT.

4. Get Your Mind Right. If you think you can't do it, you won't. Stay positive and squash that voice in your head.

5. Take Progress Pictures. You see yourself everyday, so the changes might not look like much to you. Nothing is more motivating that comparing 30-day progress pictures to what you started out with.

Look at my pics - the proof is in the (non-fat) pudding.

Decide. Commit. And you will Succeed.

Vernon Puchoon
Body transformation Success


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