Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Right from the top, juice, soda, alcohol and coffee/tea do not count as water!

I see a lot of people counting those drinks as part of their daily intake of water, but what they really do is increase your sugar (and calorie) consumption and DEHYDRATE you even more than you already are. And to be clear, dehydration does the opposite of what water does, which is hydrate your body.

Keep in mind that your body is made up of 80% water and most of the population is severely dehydrating themselves due to their westernized way of living. So, beyond the obvious reasons, why should you be drinking water?

Nutritionist Laura D gives you 20 sure fire ways to help you get water throughout the day.

1. Get a stainless steel or glass water bottle and carry it everywhere you go.

2. Drink a 500 ml bottle (1/2 litre) immediately when you wake up. Or ladies, do so while you are drying your hair or putting on your makeup for the day.

3. Keep a full water bottle in the car and drink it to and from the office, grocery store, from picking up the kids at school or anywhere else you may be going.

4. Have a tall glass of water next to your desk or work station at all times and refill it often.

5. Make a goal to have 1.5 L before lunch, another 1.5 between lunch and dinner and then sip on water or herbal teas after dinner.

6. Add lemon to your water. Not only does it taste fantastic but it helps with digestion especially if served warm. Try Laura D’s Lemonade Recipe*

7. Make it Fruity! Try adding sliced lemon, lime, oranges and grapefruits and allowing it to steep.

8. Freeze lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit juice in your ice cube trays and add one cube to your glass of water.

9. Make it Refreshing! Try adding fresh mint sprigs and allow it to steep. For an extra delicious idea, try a combination of fresh mint and lime juice!

10. Drink between meals and not with meals so that better digestion of your food occurs when you eat.

11. Make a bet with a co-worker to see who can drink more water throughout the day. The winner buys a healthy lunch on Friday afternoon!

12. If you normally have juice, try filling half the glass with water. Instead.

13. When you feel hungry, have a glass of water first – you may actually be dehydrated and not hungry! Plus you save on calories!

14. If you get a craving, have a glass of water right away and the craving will pass.

15. There are an average of 8 hours in a work day so why not try to have one glass every hour on the hour and when your work day is done so is your minimum water quota for the day!

16. Try drinking your water with a straw - you may take bigger sips and as a result drink more.

17. When you feel the need to make a trip to the washroom, make a point to replenish your system by having another glass of water immediately afterwards.

18. Drink Herbal, decaffeinated teas freely – they too count as water. Try chamomile, mint, lemon, ginger, etc.

19. Always keep a 1 L bottle of water handy so that when you may be watching TV, doing laundry, or making dinner you get your fill or carry a small refillable water bottle and stash it in your purse or briefcase for easy access.

20. If you are exercising or in the sun remember to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more!

Laura Discepola, Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), PTS.
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