Monday, January 11, 2010

Diet vs Exercise Video - Next Episode

Remember that funny video I posted last year about “You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet - diet vs exercise”? It’s by main man Craig Ballantyne.

Well I have another episode for you; in fact you can see all 4 Episodes from this one video if you click the links. But check out the episode that I have for you below:

Here is another episode in diet vs. exercise. Today in the diet corner we once again have Brad Pilon, this time he will be snacking on 2 espresso brownies each weighing in at around 300 calories and he'll wash that down with a 700 calorie Starbucks frappacino.

Representing the exercise corner, I'm going to perform a series of 1-armed kettlebell snatches with a 35 pound kettlebell.

As Pilon gulps down the frappacino, I am working very hard at a pace neither I nor any other individuals in the gym would typically go at. The point here is that individuals can mindlessly consume calories before and after meals and it not even register with them.

Now that Brad has finished off both of his snacks and consumed nearly 1400 calories, I have completed 60 snatches of the KB swings and burned about 50 calories. Although the kettlebell swings did burn a lot of calories, in a short amount of time, it pales in comparison to the calories Pilon took in.

The results speak for themselves and t is very apparent that diet once again wins the battle in diet vs. exercise. This is precisely why individuals who go to the gym and work really hard for an hour are not going to burn fat if  they are consuming so many calories mindlessly. You just can't out train a bad diet.

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