Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If things just aren't going your way with your nutrition program right now, then I have a solution for you.

Veggie nutrition expert Kardena Pauza has just created a new "21-Day Veggie Detox Diet Plan" that will help you kick-start your weight loss the safe and healthy way.

Each day outlines what to eat and includes portion size guidelines, PLUS it also includes her secret daily habits that help detox the negative energy and stress from her busy 50-hour training schedule and living in busy rush-rush-rush Southern California.

The first and most important level of detox focuses on removing addictive and unhealthy foods from your diet.

That's why you will need to eliminate these 3 foods from your diet for just 21-days during the detox.

1) Coffee and other caffeinated beverages

Drinking caffeine can be a roller coaster ride of up and down energy and then to get more energy, you need another cup of coffee. It's a vicious cycle.

Instead, you need to detox your body and attain energy naturally rather than feeling sluggish because of a poor diet/exercise and masking it with caffeine.

2) Sugar

Sugar is an ADDICTIVE short term energy fix with side effects like energy crashes, diabetes, arthritis, flu's, and weight gain.

Sugar has also been linked to causing wrinkles contributing to looking older and aging by destroying the collagen in your skin.

You need this out of your diet now!

3) Alcohol

Booze causes painful and harmful inflammation in the body and is also a depressant, so it has no place in the Detox program. It also makes you tired and leaves you feeling terrible the next day.

So those are the 3 main foods to drop from your diet for the detox.

I know you'll agree with foods 2 and 3, but caffeine is a touchy subject. But just trust me on this...

In the 21-Day Detox plan you will replace the energy from coffee with positive energy that you get from my Gratitude, Mediation, and Journaling exercises.

Again, you just have to trust me, but research shows that these 3 techniques make us happier, healthier, and can even help us lose weight.

Let's get you started with the 21-Day Detox as part of the Easy Veggie Meal Plans System here today:


I promise you are going to feel so amazing, look younger, and be much, much lighter after just a few days with my special body detox secrets.
Your fitness coach and friend

Funk Roberts

PS - Once you complete the 21 Day Detox, continue eating healthy and small portions throughout the day. This is where the Easy Veggie Meal Plan program will guide you through regular day-to-day nutrition.

To your success!

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