Friday, August 13, 2010



What an awesome workout I had this evening.  Thought I would share the craziness that went down at the gym - Try it for yourself...the video will follow. 

BTW, you do not have to be a fighter to do these workouts...if you want to burn fat, increase strength and be in the best shape of your life, then these are the workouts you should be doing,  Male or Female.

I created this workout to help with my hip and punching power. 

Here's how it went down:

6 Exercises - 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of transition.  Perform each exercise one after the other and then rest for 1 minute.  Perform 3-5 sets (I did 5 sets)

I staked out the gym and then prepared all the stations so I could easily transition to each exercise

You will need your timer - Click here to get your Gym Boss Timer  for $19.95

Exercises/Stations - 45 sec of work followed by 15 seconds to transition
  1. Land Mine Twists (it's that bar in the corner with plates on them, used to be used for rows)
  2. Bench Jumps (use your arms to help you explode upwards onto the bench)
  3. Seated Rows with Rope Handle (great exercise to develop a strong grip, along with back of course)
  4. Thai Push Ups (knee to chest, knee to elbow, knee to opposite elbow, then switch legs)
  5. Jab-Cross (with 2-5lbs dumbbells as fast as you can with good form)
  6. Sprint on Treadmill  
 Now here is a modified workout you can do if you do not have or know the above exercises

  1. Standing Plate Twists (keep your core tight and move the hips side to side holding a plate straight out in front of you)
  2. Burpees (make sure you explode up with each set)
  3. Standing Alternate Bent Over DB Rows
  4. Push Ups (switch up pushups variations)
  5. Alternate Hooks (with 2-5lbs dumbbells, move those hips when throwing the hook)
  6. Skipping
If you are not dying after this workout, then you didn't work hard enough or your rested too long.  ALWAYS WORKUOT WITH FULL INTENSITY (90% at least)

Funk Roberts

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