Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Supplement of the Month - Beta Force


For those that want to get Bigger, Stronger and Leaner...Beta Force is for you!

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BETA FORCE Intracellular Carnosine Supersaturation The best thing since… CREATINE!!
WHATEVER you say?! No BS! This stuff is the real deal!

Maybe once every 10 years a supplement comes along that breaks barriers once again… the last supplement that fits that description was creatine, the next one… BETA FORCE!

Have you been waiting for supplement technology that will shatter your genetic potential and push you to limits you never thought possible. Are you ready to squeeze out more reps, with heavier weights? Do you want to cycle farther, run faster, swim harder… wait, forget all that… do you want to perform better in EVERY way?? Wait no longer, BETA FORCE has arrived!!

With BETA FORCE, time release beta alanine formula, you will perform better than you ever have before! No matter what your sport, once you’ve trained with BETA FORCE, you will never train without it again! Now, we know you’ve heard that statement before from other companies, but this time, this time its true!! The fact is, once you’ve experienced your ultimate potential, you’ll never go back to being ‘regular’ again, it just won’t be good enough. Bold statement indeed, but we stand behind it! Read on…

How does BETA FORCE push you past your genetic potential? Its quite simple actually… our time release beta alanine formula infuses itself into muscle tissue and is converted into CARNOSINE, saturating the cells with higher levels of carnosine than ever before … 25 – 50% more in fact! Why is this important? Well, carnosine buffers the build up of acid which causes fatigue (muscle failure), and with offset fatigue, you can work harder and longer with insane intensity. If you can work harder and longer, you gain more muscle… more muscle = VERY GOOD!!!

We will never be one of the companies that says – USE OUR PRODUCTS, THEY WILL GIVE YOU STEROID LIKE RESULTS!! That’s just not our style, but here’s an interesting fact about steroids, one of the effects they have on muscle cells, is that they significantly increase the muscle's ability to delay fatigue by increasing CARNOSINE synthesis! That said, it’s obvious that increasing workload by offsetting fatigue (failure) is extremely important to muscle growth, and that’s EXACTLY what BETA FORCE does!

Here’s what BETA FORCE can do for you:
increase lean mass
increase strength
increase endurance… burn more calories, shed more fat!
Increase recovery
Increase anaerobic threshold
Increase aerobic threshold
Increase performance in EVERY way!!!

You’ve tried every supplement known to man, you’ve had some *OK* results , but NOW its time to get to business… get some BETA FORCE coursing through your veins today and break past ALL the barriers that have been holding you back... train like an animal!!


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