Friday, February 8, 2008

Hockey Day in Canada

Saturday February 9th is Hockey Day in Canada and in celebration of this joyous event Funk Roberts will be coaching the Brainhunter Kids Hockey Team to victory at the Bastie Gardens Tournament.

Chuck Bastie, through his months of blood, sweat and tears, has assembled the greatest backyard ice rink in the history of hockey. It is entered in the Build Your Own Hockey Rink contest.

The Bastie HDIC Tournament hosts four kids’ teams battling for the Bastie Cup.
Ex NHL’ers like Mark Osborne and Mike Gartner will also be on-hand for the event.

The 2008 edition of Hockey Day in Canada will tell the story of volunteers in communities from coast to coast to coast, exploring the true heart and soul of our great frozen game. I am excited to volunteer my time to coach the kids. I will try to do anything to help the youth stay active.

Join us Saturday February 9 at 17 Fishleigh Dr, Scarborough ON. Results, pictures and videos of this inaugural event to follow.

Funk Roberts
HDIC Coach of the Year

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